Twisted Branches

Twisted Branches
We are all the same
Stuck inside ourselves
Rooted in the thorns

Are we walking dead
Wandering wastelands
My soul is cast down
Fear grips all around, all around, all around

Twisted Branches
Let’s break out of this
Living water calls
Us to a new life

I’m not dead, I can breathe
I’m full of hope and dreams
One day, the world shall pass
His word, forever lasts, ever lasts, ever lasts

Run with me to promised lands
The thorns do chase at night
You can’t stop the plan of the One I love
He’s got a fire that will burn away

Run with me to promised lands
We’ll get there very soon
You can’t stop the plan of the One I love
The thorns and the snakes shall burn away

Twisted Branches
Let’s break out of this


The Story behind “Twisted Branches”

​     One of my favorite songs that I have ever written is the song “Twisted Branches”. I feel that it’s one of my strongest lyrically, and it’s based on some deeply personal experiences. The inspiration for this song came from a friendship that I developed with a woman one summer. She will remain unnamed, but I had an interest in this girl.

     ​One day we were hanging out, and she revealed to me a secret about herself. Initially I didn’t take it very well, and I was being overtly judgmental. I realized that my romantic pursuit with this girl had ended, and I was taking it hard. I said some things that I shouldn’t have said that day, and I felt a bit shell shocked. When I arrived home that day, I took some emotional steps back, and I prayed to God. I sat down with my guitar, my pen, and my notebook, and I wrote the lyric, “twisted branches, we all are all the same”. Upon writing this lyric, and after some deep reflection I realized I had to apologize to this girl. I was no better than she was. She had a different struggle than I, but nonetheless, I am as much filled with darkness and wrong doing as anybody else. I apologized for my judgement, and I told her that I wouldn’t comment on that part of her life ever again. Thankfully, she forgave me, and we continued on in our friendship.

     Some days thereafter the basis for “Twisted Branches” which was born from a particular emotional distress and repentance grew into a broader moral. The song is about the fact that we all struggle with many different things. This world is a broken place, and we all suffer in different ways to the burdens of sin that we are all born into. It’s not a song that mourns humanity’s fallen state, but a song that sings about the grace, mercy and guidance that God gives to those who believe in Him and love Him. It sings about the promises of life, restoration and goodness that comes from Jesus Christ.
​There is a sense of urgency in this song. The darkness that is in this world which is Satan, seeks to destroy your soul every chance that it gets. The song calls us out to pursue God, and that one day God is going to judge the world, and ultimately do away with all forms of evil and wickedness.

     For those of you who don’t believe in God, I hope that you can at least get out from this song a positive message. I hope that you will come believe in God, and trust in Jesus as your Lord and personal savior because I believe it to be for your benefit. However, if you don’t believe, I still love you regardless, and I wish you the best of luck.

God bless,
-Jacques, TWVH lyricist, vocals & guitar